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Zelepukhina Elena Nikolaevna, Applicant, sub-department of economics and management, Adygei State University (208 Universitetskaya street, Maikop, Russia), 647823@

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Background. The control function in the system of regional economic politics plays the main part allowing to give a general estimation of basic results of realization of this policy cycle, to correlate them with the given recourses and aims of trading development and also to set down the fundamental basis for going to the next cycles of a single process of economic policy development at the meso-level.
Materials and methods. The analysis of Russian and foreign studies dedicated to this issue allow to come to a conclusion of insufficient examination of some significant aspects, including realization of the system approach to researches of regional economic policy functions of depressive-type territories, major aims for reorganization of the control function in this policy system, exposure of basic resources and long-term tendencies of the control function reorganization in the economic policy system of depressive-type territories, substantiation of principles and development of productive tools for reorganization of the control function complex in the regional economic policy system, adequate for depressive conditions of development.
Results. The author singled out a sequence of basic functional objectives of controlling and discovered the causes of the necessity of the controlling system occurrence at the micro-, meso- and macro levels of trading organizations.
Conclusions. The aims of control function reorganization in the system of regional economic policy are fixed: technological control base renewal at the mesolevel allowing to fill this function with creative work; activation of relationships between control and other functions of regional economic policy fulfilling the control function in the regional policy; instruments of control development.

Key words

control function, regional economic policy, control instruments, depressive-type territories.

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